Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Like Jimi's Guitar

I want to write a verse
as good
as the riff I heard
last night
from Jimi's guitar--
I want it to pierce ears,
I want it to shock systems,
I want it to overthrow governments
and make kingdoms fall;
I want it to
make the dead
come to life,
and make blind men

I want it to blow minds
and break hearts;
I want it
to be the very definition
of truth,
to be like
the tablets come down
from Mount Sinai,
like manna from heaven;

I want to write a verse,
unlike any other verse
that's ever been written,
as if God Himself
were speaking directly
into my soul
through to the arm
of the hand
that holds the pen
I use to write with;

I want to write a verse
that will be broadcast
through every major media outlet,
from the television
to the Internet;

I want to write a verse
that will make
the world's heart stop
just to listen;
a verse that will not,
can not,
must not
be ignored.

© 2012 Joseph Powell