Monday, April 28, 2014

Here It Is, Your Moment of Zen... - A New Poem

staring at ducks in the middle of a pond,
in the middle of a park,
in the middle of a busy intersection,
in the middle of a very busy city,
while eating lunch,
made by a woman who loves you
more than words can say,
is the closest to a moment of peace
that you're ever going to get.

© 2014 Joseph Powell

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

To Be Middle-aged, Gifted, And Black--A New Poem

I am not one to brag or boast,
But I think it’s time to make a toast,
To a brother who,
likes to,
write the double truth,
I have come too far
seen too much
to stop now.
If nothing else,
my life
depends on it;
a gift,
that should not be squandered;
for those who’ve come before me,
and those who may
and will
follow after,
need to know,
that what they’ve done,
will do,
was not,
has not,
will not
be in vain.

My desire
to be a writer,
from a child’s dream,
a best friend’s dream;
and now,
that I’m about to begin
the midpoint of my life,
I want to see it
to the end.
Not for fame,
for vainglory;
but to,
hopefully be,
the fulfillment
of prayers prayed
and blood shed,
in my own
small way
through my own
to what has,
thus far,
been done,
and what continues to
guide me now
into the future.

© 2014 Joseph Powell

Saturday, April 12, 2014

An Honest Man, A Good Writer--A New Poem

Like Baldwin before me,
Like Bukowski even,
I want to be
an honest man
and a good writer.

Like Hemingway,
I want to bleed on the page;
I want the truth
to be laid bare;
quoting Ginsburg,
hysterical naked;
no bullshit,
no chaser;
what you read
is what you get;
I might
and can
create fiction,
if you don’t see yourself
in it,
then I’ve wasted my time
and yours;

the world has enough lies
and liars,
in my opinion,
not enough
with the courage
to say
what needs to be said
in the way
that it needs to be said.

Let the politicians
and false prophets
shut up for a change,
and let the poets
have the floor;
wonder how much more
earthly good,
let alone,
can be done
if the artists
were able to call the shots.

I want to be
an honest man
a good writer--
two things
that I will always
want to strive towards,
rather than
if I attain that,
if I arrive there,
where else
is there to go?

© 2014 Joseph Powell