Friday, July 14, 2006

A Hopelessly Shameless Plug(Is There Any Other Kind?)

For those who may be interested in and/or looking for some good poetry to read, I am currently selling copies of my most recent chapbook of poetry, “Mofo’ Risin’ “. It is a collection of 17 poems that I self-published in 2004, mostly inspired by the aftereffects of a divorce I went through at that time and the process of trying to work through such a drastic life change. The book is on sale for $7 and can be purchased by contacting me through email at Some of the poems I’ve published in this blog are featured in the book. Other excerpts can be found at and, the site I used to self-publish the book. There’s also an excellent review of it at If any of you have enjoyed my work thus far in this blog, I would strongly implore that you consider buying a copy of my book. Thank you for your time and patronage and happy reading. God bless!

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