Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Nice To Have A Family

Today is the fourth anniversary of the relationship that I have with the woman who is now my wife. We were recently married three months ago in a family commitment ceremony that included her teenage daughter. It was a very personal event, attended to and by many friends and family members, which made it very special, very spiritual, and very emotional. Nothing in life ever comes easy and this was a case in point, in that it almost never happened, due to unforeseen circumstances, including being ripped off by the “owner” of a desert resort we had planned to use for the event. But , as they say, God works in mysterious ways, and gave us a day that will not soon be forgotten and blessed us with people who made it a day worth celebrating.

It’s good to be a part of a family—to be needed and relied upon, and to have people who can be relied upon as well. Especially after coming through a situation where I was no longer needed and made to feel that I was worthless. But in a followup to what I said in my poem, “Mofo’ Risin’”, featured in the May 16, 2006 entry of this blog, I have found a woman who thinks that I am much of a man and can be much of a husband; and not only that, but I have also found a child growing into a young woman, who sees me as a father, even more so than her biological one. All of which, needless to say, came unexpectedly. But isn’t that what a blessing is? An unexpected gift. Well, in that case, I have been doubly blessed and continue to be so and hopefully will for a long time to come.

Below are poems written specifically for the aforementioned ceremony. The first, “Blessed Union Of Souls”, is a poem I read during the ceremony. “Family Snapshots” are poems that were read by the bridesmaids during the reception, as a surprise to my wife. There were actually six poems, the sixth being the poem, “Face”, featured in the Dec. 1st, 2005 entry, “A Portrait In Words”. As with all my poetry, I hope, the words speak for themselves and hopefully convey what I intended them to, which is my heart. And as always, I thank you for your time. ‘Nuff said!

Blessed Union Of Souls

Dearly beloved,
We are gathered today
To celebrate
This blessed union of souls;
This blessed union
Of a man
To a woman and child;
Of a husband to a wife,
Of a daughter to a want-to-be,

Witness, if you please,
The pledges of love here today;
A thing of beauty
That will be a joy forever.
Acknowledge, if you will,
This blessed trinity,
This family;
Assure and affirm them, with
Your loyalty and devotion
As they commit to each other
Their loyalty and devotion;
Assure them of your presence
In their lives--
That they will be upheld
By strong arms of love and support;
That the ties that bind
Will never be severed.

Affirm them in their uniqueness,
Their beautiful blend,
Their wonderful eclectic mixture
Of color and spirit,
Of love and peace;
Again, I say, a thing of beauty.

Behold, Toni, Joseph, and Santi,
These three,
These precious three
As they become one,
As they become a symbol
Of what God can do.

So elevate,
This blessed union of souls,
This trinity of love and devotion,
This family.

© 2007 Joseph Powell

Family Snapshots

Snapshot #1

I've traded in my tears of solitude
for the love of a good woman
and a child who chooses
to call me father---
I am doubly blessed,
though I never expected it
and never knew how to look for it;
yet I receive them
as I would a precious gift,
beautifully wrapped,
presented in love,
not to own, so much,
but to cherish
and enjoy in their splendor.

Snapshot #2

She calls me husband
And I will do my damnedest
to aspire to be that;
And going in,
I know I will fail
and fail many times,
for I am not perfect;
but it is not perfection
I seek,
at least,
not in her eyes;
what I seek,
is to be
what she calls me---

Snapshot #3

I will call her wife
And I will do my damnedest
to help her to be that---
not on a pedestal,
not walking behind me,
but partner,
at my side,
for life.

I will seek
to allow her beauty
to shine,
as the precious ruby
that I have found;

I will make room
for her voice
to be heard,
for her voice
will not be contained.

I will call her wife---
partner at my side,
partner of my life,

I will call her wife.

Snapshot #4

Her name is Santi,
which means peace--
And peace is what
she brings to me;
but I will choose
to call her
for that is what
she is to me;
though she is not
of my blood,
though I was not
at her birth,
and I did not
watch her grow,
as one would watch
seeds and buds
grow into flowers;
I will still
call her
and be present
as that flower
continues to burst
into bloom,
bringing peace
to others.

Snapshot #5

This family you celebrate
here tonight,
is just one verse
of a larger poem
that continues
to be written;
you friends,
are other verses,
that when added,
will make that poem sing.

So ask yourself,
what verse
will you contribute?
What is the poem
that you want this family
to be?

And then,
and write it!

© 2007 Joseph Powell

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