Monday, April 28, 2008

How Many Shots Does It Take To Bring Down An Unarmed Black Man?

How many shots does it take to bring down an unarmed black man? Apparently, 41 isn't enough anymore--now it's 51! And they wonder why we distrust cops! And apparently it's not important anymore to br tried by a jury of your peers, when you can get a judge on the payroll to try your case, because it's more than likely that the verdict will go your way. And they wonder why we distrust the justice system? And now it's not enough to have white cops doing the shootings--they've recruited our own to do it as well. Fuck you very much!! I wiped away tears for yet another black man, gunned down on what was supposed to have been a very special day--a soon-to-be husband and probably loving father of two, who will never know him again in life, because it was decided that his life wasn't worth living anymore. Rest in peace, Sean Bell, because God knows, we won't, as long as it's ok for police in this country to gun down black men because they feel unsafe and at risk, when it turns out that their fears are unfounded and they can be acquitted for such costly and reckless actions. I hope I don't get in trouble for writing this, because God knows, speaking(or writing) the truth in public, will get you vilified. Look at what they're doing to Rev. Jeremiah Wright!! 'Nuff said...for now!

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