Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thought For The Week

Sometimes I come across a poem that I wish I had written. The following poem is one of those and I humbly submit it as a thought for the week.

Bring It Forth

Leo, that lionhearted Count
Tolstoy, knew the truth:
"Love is a manifestation of the divine,
for which the notion of time does not exist.
Therefore, love is manifested only now,
in the present, in every instant."

Every instant, every breath
should echo this, "Love
is the most important thing of all.
But one cannot love
in the past or the future.
One can only love now,
at the present time and in the present moment."

Only now, only how
can we understand true compassion?
Who amongst us can love
right here and now, unconditionally
embrace the world,
all its hustle and bustle,
all its multitudes and madness,
and take them all to heart?

Who can become as lionhearted as Leo
and follow his dictum:
"The purpose of life is to bring forth goodness.
Now, in this life."

I ask and I pray,
bring it forth.

(c 2007 thomas fortenberry)

1 comment:

Kurvanas said...

You are too kind. I am very glad to see someone appreciate Leo Tolstoy, a hero to us all. I always draw lessons from his brilliance, his heart, his example.

Peace, love, and betterment.