Saturday, November 01, 2008

Barack Means Blessed--A New Poem

When Jesse said, "I am, Somebody",
He was talking about this one;
When JB said it loud...,
He was talking about this one;
The shining black prince, that was Malcolm,
And the gentle warrior, that was Martin--
Have come back to us
As this fortunate one,
This fortunate son;
The African diaspora and the American dream,
Clothed in this one man,
In this man,
Blessed by God,
For that is what Barack means.

This man,
Standing on the shoulders
Of those who came before,
Both great and small,
Black and white;
This man,
This human,
Michelle's, Malia's, and Sasha's man,
Our man
For these times,
These interesting times;
Yet humbled;
And beautiful;
A leader
And yet,
A servant.

This one,
This man,
Renaissance man,
Helping us to see
What it means,
To be reborn;
Helping us to see
What it means,
As a people,
As a nation,
As these United States of America,
To be blessed by God,
For that is what Barack means.

© 2008 Joseph Powell


mamastreasures said...

Awesome! I will pass this around.


Anonymous said...

The sounds of flavorful words with the union of your gifted mind makes you my brother, the great poet that only you can speak so clearly. This is another excellent piece that needs to be shared with the entire world.
Peace, Love and Joy,
Yours Sister,
Deborah Wright-Powell

Theresa said...

It has other meanings as well.

Barak means thunder in the ancient Hebrew, and blessed one in Arabic, the meaning of the word in Swahili too,
And when you go way back to Old Kingdom times in ancient Egypt, when ba meant soul, and ra meant sun, and ka meant manifestation (soul double), the most ancient meaning of the word Baraka (the original word from which Barack derived) is “soul double of the sun,” from which Barak, the Hebrew word for thunder, was also derived, as thunder can be conceived as being similar to the light from the sun.
‘That One’ (or ‘Th-At-one’ or ‘Th-Atone’)

Anonymous said...

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