Saturday, September 10, 2011

9-11 Redux

As we approach the 10th anniversary of that fateful day, here is a resharing of my remembrance...

9-11 Redux

Echoes of F.D.R.
Ring in my head—
“A day which will live
in infamy”;
Like the phone
Which awoke
Me from sleep.
While somewhere,
Scores were dying.
And now I find it harder
To sleep
‘cause now I hear blood
crying from the ground.

People will ask,
‘Do you remember where
you were when?’
And I will say,
‘Yeah, in a state of shock,’
which turned into
a New York
state of mind,
wishing I could stop
the madness
that crashed into
the twin brothers
in this first year
of the new century
on the 11th day
of the 9th month—
a day whose numbers
are linked
with the number
for emergency;
a day when chaos ruled
and the news became
a liturgical obituary;

when my bloodshot eyes
were red, not from lack of sleep,
but from the carnage
that filled my TV screen;
when the local news
battled the world news
for body counts.

They say in space,
‘No one can hear you scream’,
But on this day,
I think I heard
The whole universe
A sound matched only
By the falling of teardrops
In a forest of humanity.

© Joseph Powell

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