Wednesday, September 18, 2013

let me be--a new poem

let me be the tears you can not shed;
let me be the mirror you can not face;
let me be what causes your screams to dissipate;
let me be what causes your fears to evaporate;
let me be what inspires you;
that which comforts you,
which shows you the face of God;
let me be your breath;
the first thing you see in the morning,
and the last thing you see at night,
so that when you sleep,
all you dream of
is me,
loving you thru the dark hours
and the valley of the shadow
that used to haunt you;

let me be the words that flow from your pen,
and from your mouth when you stand on that stage;
let me be your applause;
the answer to your prayer;
let me be what makes you laugh,
let me be the art that knows no equal-
the dance that no one else can dance,
the song that no one else can sing,
the poem that will never be surpassed
or replicated;
let me be what helps you get through this life-
holds your hand,
walks beside you,
kisses your lips,
caresses your brow,
holds you up;
let me be everything…
let me be.

© 2013 Joseph Powell

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