Monday, November 18, 2013

Blue Is The Magic Number

though I’m not one to adhere to,
or be defined by, labels;
nor inclined to be fitted into certain parameters;
if you were to press me,
or choose to dig down,
to my very essence,
to the core of who I am--
you would find
that blue
is my favorite color;

the color
that inspired rhapsodies
and baseball teams;
it is the signifier of a particular mood,
the foundation
of nearly every musical genre
on this planet,
if the pictures from space
are to be believed,
is also blue;

it is the color of harmony--
if you don’t believe me,
imagine our country’s flag without it;
could be one of the reasons,
why we’re called the United States
(could you imagine if we
were only made up of
only red states?);

is the color of life;
it is
the color of God’s glory,
one of the primary colors
in His divine palette;

is the color of this poem,
if its words
could be enveloped
in any particular color,
each letter,
a different shade
or variation
of indigo,
even those words
make blue sound beautiful,
which it is.

I give you
which is,
in a sense,
giving of myself;
and I hope,
that you will accept it,
in the spirit
of which it was given,
which is also

© 2013 Joseph Powell

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