Wednesday, June 25, 2014

In A Place, Once Unfamiliar--A New Poem

I have recently placed my stakes
in a place to me,unfamiliar;
underneath cloud formations
so unreal,
yet more real
than anything imaginable;
sharing space
with fireflies
on summer nights
and storms gone
as quickly
as they’ve come;
there’s a past here,
both terrible and awesome,
equalled only by
the feeling of being home,
of being present,
that I now have
in this place,
once unfamiliar.
I hope to be able to
add to the tapestry
already woven
long ago;
add the first
of many new chapters,
of many new verses
in this place of music
and storytelling;
not so much
to find fame and fortune,
but to find purpose
and kinship
with those whose dreams
have led them here as well;
I hope to see love,
kindled before arrival here
from distant shores
where I once set root
and still have ties,
blossom into
a magnificent landscape,
matched only
by the artistry
of God’s making,
I see all around me
in this place, once
I hope that
what the future,
(which is now to me,
also unfamiliar)
is more real
than I could ever imagine;
more awesome
than I know how to handle;
more beautiful
than anything I’ve yet seen
in my dreams;
I hope.

© 2014 Joseph Powell

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