Saturday, November 12, 2011

precarious(for Heavy D and Smokin' Joe)

I didn’t know
this would be
if I did,
I would’ve rapped with you
a little longer;
told you a joke
a funny story
that you liked—
just to see you smile,
just to see you laugh,
if I had known
this’d be the last time.

if I had known
this was goodbye,
I would’ve listened
a little more closely,
because I know you had
some words of wisdom,
some knowledge
I could’ve used
right then and there;
even if it didn’t
come across that way,
I would’ve still
listened closely,
like a student
to his teacher,
if I’d known
this was the last time.

but one never knows,
does one?
tomorrow is not promised
and any word
could be the last;
any deed, good or bad,
would be the last one

so now, I’m forced to say
though I hardly
knew you;
am compelled
to hold on to
some memory
of you
that one day,
will make me smile,
will make me laugh;

to pray for those
you left behind
who did know you,
but who also didn’t know
this was goodbye;
to make every word
to make every deed
so that when
it is my time,
quite possibly,
could be
as unexpected
as yours,
that I might be
in words
such as these,
not in tearful regrets
or sad goodbyes,
but in
lasting memories
of what once was
in the hearts
and minds
of those
I left behind.

© 2011 Joseph Powell

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