Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Came In Like A Lion

March came in like a lion
and knocked me
the fuck out.
Love is supposed to be gentle;
but first,
it hits you
like a ton of bricks;
like the stray bullet
you didn't see coming;
like that lightning strike;
like a thief in the night;

there's no way to be
ready for it,
no matter how many times
you've been smitten
or touched,
as it were;
it's best to accept it
when it does come your way,
thank the Lord above
for its manifestation,
in whatever form
that happens to be,
(because love is not limited
to your conception
of what it's suppose to be
or with whom),
and carry on,
in the knowledge
that you've been chosen,
and isn't that
a wonderful thing?

© 2013 Joseph Powell

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